Beverage Manufacturers

America is one of the leading nations in the world with regards to beverage manufacturing. We have one of the most efficient manufacturing processes in the entire world and it is simply because of our need to be able to produce mass amounts of beverage in a short period of time. It is a well-known saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.” This is undoubtedly true in our nation’s beverage industry climate, as we have been able to develop the most efficient machinery that is able to produce the most amount of product for the least cost.

Beverage manufacturing hasn’t always been as efficient and productive as it is today. The art of manufacturing beverages had incredibly humble beginnings, but those beginnings continue to be a mainstay of our civilization today. Those beginnings were tea brewing. As nomads, our ancestors would brew different herbs and leaves with water as a way of developing healing juices. When the agricultural boom took place and humans began living a sedentary way of life, we started developing primitive versions of wine and other simple drinks. If the crop harvested surpassed the need for subsistence, they would sell it - in many of the same ways we do business today.

Over time, beverage manufacturing took a very different path and as farms were growing bigger and bigger, so was the manufacturing of beverages. Tea plantations, vineyards, and the like were in full effect and the making of beverages was never the same.

Today, there are manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, which produces more than the combined imaginative powers of our ancestors. Gatorade and Starbucks changed the sports and coffee drink industry, and Snapple took a turn for a healthier approach.  There were many beverages, like any other game-changing product, that forever changed the way the beverage industry worked. The aforementioned companies were just a few examples of such brands and beverages.