Beverage Formulation

Beverage Formulation is something that is completely scientific in nature. Certified beverage architects begin building a beverage from the bottom up, carefully making sure to match the client’s needs in terms of taste, color, ingredients, and functionality specifications.

There are a host of different elements that beverage makers need to consider when developing a new beverage. For example, different base drinks have different elements that need to be incorporated - soda, water, and so forth. In order for it to match the criteria of that beverage. A soda doesn’t taste like wine, which doesn’t taste like milk, which doesn’t taste like an energy drink. In any case, beverage makers need to understand the base of what drink they want to make. Once that is taken care of, then the beverage scientist can begin to build the drink in terms of color, taste, different ingredients, etc.

Moreover, nutraceuticals, which are now considered to be an essential part of beverage formulation, can also be very unstable, so a beverage scientist needs to be fully aware of the properties and mechanisms of all the different ingredients they are utilizing. Another part of formulating a beverage is its shelf life. In order for the supply chain to move efficiently, there needs to be a sufficient shelf life so that the company stays profitable. For this reason, it is important to understand things like the preservative process.

Moreover, there is an array of different things to consider when making your drink. What kinds of ingredients will you be using? There are preservatives, botanicals, nutraceuticals, colors, emulsifiers, acidifiers, sweeteners, and flavors, to name a few. Combining these will give you an infinite number of possible drinks and can be a waste of time if the beverage idea is not clearly conceived ahead of time.

Thus, formulating beverages should have a clear idea and should always be done by a scientist who is well aware of the chemical and physical properties of the ingredients he/she is using to make the drink.